I’m a Software Test Engineer. I try to break software, to make it better. Currently on the Ad Engineering team on a Best Buy contract.

Born in the Midwest, spent time there and in New Orleans. Lived in Seattle for over twenty years, currently maintaining residences both there, and in southern Oregon.

I hike, camp, enjoy photography, baking, and exploring with my Jeep.

I’m maintaining a saltwater reef tank, with 2 Black Ice Snowflake Clownfish (Amphitrite and Poseidon), 3 Blue-Green Black-Axil Chromis (“fish1, 2 and 3”), a Bangaii Cardinalfish (no name), a Lawnmower Blenny (Edric), a bubble-tip anemone (BTA), and several small coral colonies, plus a ton of crabs and snails.