The Great British Baking Project: The “rules”

These are my “rules” for myself for this project. None are carved in stone, and of course I retain the right to change, ignore, or modify them as I see fit 🙂

  • I’ll attempt to bake the Technical Challenge of a given week, using the most authentic recipe I can find for it (almost always the one given on the BBC GBBO website.
  • I’ll attempt these in roughly chronological order, both by series, and episode, starting with 2012 (BBC Series #3, Netflix “The Beginnings”). 
  • Before each season, I’ll post a preview of what’s to come, including any equipment I had to buy.
  • Before I start the bake, I’ll re-watch the relevant show. It’s possible some commentary will appear about the show itself.
  • While I do the bake, I’ll attempt to get some photos documenting the process to some degree or other. Don’t expect a graphic step-by-step process.
  • When done, the post will include:
    • The recipe
    • Discussion of any changes that needed to be made, including translation of terminology from British to American.
    • A pic of what they expected, and a pic of what I produced
    • Discussion of the process, things I would change, and opinion on how it turned out
    • Possibly discussion of the episode itself, up to and including “What the hell was that that Noel was wearing?”

Again, this may change, and I’ll update this post if I make any major changes.